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IGNITE Work Study

Several professors and staff at the School of Dramatic Art hire students for specific positions that meet their individual needs. Positions are usually funded through the IGNITE Work Study Program.

IGNITE provides part-time jobs on campus for students which offers an opportunity for both financial and skills development. For more information or to apply, please see the IGNITE Work Study website.

student positions list ignite.png

Some, or all, of the following positions may be available in a given season. They will be offered as either a per-show, per-semester, or seasonal appointment. A listing of available positions will be posted at the beginning of each fall semester to coincide with the start of the University Players season.  Specific duties and responsibilities will be assigned upon a candidate’s approval by the Staff Supervisor. A student will not be considered for an assistantship if he/she is on academic probationary status.

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